What to know about area rugs

Area rugs are a fantastic addition to many rooms in your home, with beauty, performance, and durability. You'll sometimes find them to benefit in more ways than one in the same room. Take advantage of all their benefits, and you'll see them last for years.

These pieces could be just what you need to finish a perfect décor match or interior design. But they might also be the durable feature you need in a busy space. The good news is that there's a perfect rug for every homeowner.

Which rooms need area rugs the most?

Area rugs are perfect for every room, with options that cater to specific needs. For instance, rugs protect against floor wear, catch spills, and create a beautiful visual. In bathrooms, they soak up spills and prevent slipping, so you're stylish and protected. You'll find similar benefits for every room. Not all rugs are the same, so you must consider each room rugs as you browse. For example, the same thick, plush comfort in the bedroom might not work as well in the living room. But when you cater to each space with kitchen and living room rugs, you’ll see results that work for your household.

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Choose from many attributes

Start with a fiber that meets your needs, one room at a time. Rug fibers are the same as carpet fibers, so understanding what’s available is easy. Choose from fibers like nylon, polyester, wool, triexta, and others, based on what you want from the rug. Nylon is durable, while wool offers intense colors, but both have extended features to consider before you buy.

The style will also be essential, with options like Saxony, Berber, Frieze, and shag. As with fiber types, our rugs for sale will likely serve your needs better than all the others. If you need help finding a perfect combination of features, speak with an associate while you're here.

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